A novel solution for current challenges

Dear reader,

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a great deal of change has been experienced by all. As a result, FAR&AWAY realised that we had to modify our current work approach to align ourselves with the new reality better.
The great unknown regarding the length of this pandemic has nudged us to brainstorm ideas that could ease the effects of the current situation. Our main challenge was how to overcome the restrictions and risks associated with hosting large events, but still allow group participation.

Subsequently, we put our heads together to come up with a new way of organising events, including seminars, congresses, conferences, workshops and online marketing/positioning drives, through a virtual and hybrid medium. As a socially responsible company that prides itself on innovation, we have embraced new technologies and partners to meet your expectations.

Our new reality requires an innovative way of doing business. Our response to current challenges is PRO4PRO.
PRO4PRO digital platform is a natural extension of our current FAR&AWAY event hosting expertise.

PRO4PRO digital platform, as a specially designed virtual environment, is perfectly positioned to assist pharmaceutical companies with product launches, professional and educative gatherings such as seminars, workshops and congresses, as well as access to accredited online testing and survey options.

PRO4PRO facilitates the organisation of multiday events with an unlimited number of participants.

Our team of experts are at your disposal to transition any real-life event to a virtual reality dimension and satisfy the requirements of organisers, sponsors and participants.
Our wish is that we all reach the end of this crisis unscathed and continue with our successful and professional partnership.

Kind regards
Radmila Lipović









PRO4PRO digital platform for all your professional event needs

PRO4PRO digital platform offers the following services:

  • Attendee registration
  • Promotional area
  • Information centre
  • Conference area/ amphitheatre
  • Interactive agenda
  • Online tests with accredited certification
  • E-presentations, e-posters
  • Information centre - the place where the participants come together and network. All the information about the virtual environment, promotional stands, exhibited products/services, booking of meetings with company representatives, and accessing the webinars/online tests can be found here.

  • Promotional area – this area includes virtual interactive stands where companies can exhibit their products/services. Participants can browse through promotional video material, download a brochure, get information about the latest products and book one-on-one meetings with company representatives.

  • Conference area – conference area is the heart of any event. All specially prepared presentations from the event speakers and sponsors are available here. This is an environment where participants can learn more about new products/services, view expert presentations and engage in any other interaction. All content is freely available and can be downloaded from the portal for up to one year following each event.

  • Interactive agenda – the full programme is available through the main menu and allows participants to select the content and presentations that they wish to access. Event speakers can present their seminars, workshops or presentations live, or through a prerecorded video that is edited and played in accordance with the set agenda. All participants have access to accredited online tests, where they can assess their knowledge and earn a certificate.

PRO4PRO - Support

Promotional areas and stands

The true potential of virtual reality lies in its flexibility to offer creative solutions where different contents need to be optimally branded and marketed. Your virtual space contains four promotional banner positions where you can showcase your latest products and services, website, social media and other relevant content.


Complete automatisation

All key functions of the virtual environment are automated. The participants can autonomously “move” through the area, download files, review video content and request further information. Full automation increases efficiency and cuts the time needed to obtain the required information. The platform offers flexibility to sponsors who are empowered with the tools they need to showcase their brand successfully.

Live conference

An integral part of the virtual environment is the conference area, where participants can follow selected and prepared presentations. The video stream is transmitted directly onto the conference screen and doesn’t require any additional applications or software. All live presentations, as well as prerecorded ones, are made available to the participants following each event.

Live conference
/Measurable quality and reporting

Measurable quality and reporting

PRO4PRO measures the quality of each event, by focusing on participant activities, presentation outcomes, as well as any other interaction available on the platform. Full event reports are generated at the end of each event.

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