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PRO4PRO online community is a centralised information hub where members can familiarise themselves with the latest developments and hot topics offered by sponsors.
Members can interact with one another, share their experiences and know-how, get in touch with professional associations and pharmaceutical corporations, and access readily available information.
Our online community nurtures partnerships between companies, associations, virtual event organisers and other community

By becoming a member of our community, you can:

  • Write, read or share texts

  • Ask questions and get speedy answers

  • Participate in surveys

  • Take part in virtual events free of charge

  • Write online tests and earn certifications

Become a member of PRO4PRO

PRO4PRO community

As with our PRO4PRO virtual platform, our online community is accessible through any device and does not require any technical training. Community membership is f ree of charge, and the registration only takes a few minutes. With their consent, all existing members receive regular updates about new members and shared content.

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