I would like to sincerely thank you for the excellent organisation of the World Cardiologist Congress in Dubai. Everything, from the overall coordination of the event to each and every itinerary point, has been planned and executed well. Should I ever travel to Dubai again, I will most certainly select the very same hotel where I was staying. Thank you once again for the afforded security and satisfaction that I experienced, during this trip.

Violeta Iric

“The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page.” (St. Augustine, 354-430 AD, Roman philosopher and theologian). FAR&AWAY has been a generator of a hefty number of informative pages that we have read over the years. Perfect cooperation, best air ticket prices and hotel accommodation, for winter, summer, near or faraway destinations!

Ana | Dragan Petrović

BGDmont d.o.o.

I wish to thank FAR&AWAY for the most memorable and special experience that I and my guests recently had, while visiting Malaga and London. The experience was made that much more unforgettable, due to the professional and energetic team of FAR & AWAY agents, who do their work with much love and dedication. Additionally, I wish to thank Svetlana, who was invaluable during our visa application process, and who made it possible for me to see the beautiful city of New York! A very small number of travel agencies possess such exceptional talent. I look forward to working with you in the future!

Ivana Trifunović

On a number of occasions, I made use of FAR&AWAY as my travel partner agency of choice. Every new trip exceeded the previous one, in terms of hotel accommodation, travel organization, transfers, etc. Tour guides are extremely professional and are experts for their designated destinations. Punctuality, friendliness, professionalism and reliability of the staff, get full marks from me. Even though I had poor experiences while travelling in the past with other providers, Radmila and Svetlana are my reassuring factor on long trips, and ones that I can fall back upon, even when I’m 10,000km away from home. I recommend to all those interested, to leave their travel requirements in FAR&AWAY’s trusty hands. Good luck with your existing clients and many new ones that I hope will come your way!

Jasna, Novi Sad