• Knowledge and experience

    We posses knowledge and experience in dealing with renowned business systems. Our team consists of experienced professionals. While organising your travel or business event, we work as a team and with great commitment.

  • High standards

    We offer and provide our clients with quality services in every segment of travelling. High professional standards when choosing transport, accommodation, as well as all other associated content, represent the top priorities of our agency. Safety of our clients is our top priority, and we undertake all required steps for this purpose.

  • Great number of satisfied clients

    All of our clients, both individual and corporate, have entrusted us with their travel requirements for a number of years. Their recommendations and positive experiences are a testament that we perform our business activities in a professional, responsible and devoted manner.

  • Adapting to the needs of companies and organisations

    We tailor-make our packages in line with the requirements our clients and individual users. Our professional team is going to ensure that you are provided with a custom designed and organised business travel or other activity, which fully meets your expectations.

  • Creative programme

    We strive to design every travel event or activity in a manner that offers each of our clients a new experience and adventure.

  • Reliable partners and associates

    We only collaborate with proven and renowned domestic and foreign partners, travel agencies, operators and insurance companies.

  • Low pricing

    We endeavour to provide our clients with the best conditions and additional benefits upon selecting their travelling package, as well as cost-efficiency and quality of services.

  • A team of tour guides

    Our tour guides are equipped with all required work certificates and licences. Good knowledge of languages and tour destinations for which they are hired for, is a given.